Three Albertans Describe Their Struggles With the High Cost of Food


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Over the course of the month of December, CBC is looking into the high cost of food. A recent Dalhousie University study pegged food inflation at 5% and the group, Vibrant Calgary, found families are spending roughly $220/month more this year over last. Budgets are tight so to examine how some folks are coping, Russell Bowers reached out to 3 Albertans for his show, Daybreak. Joan Karlowsky is a retiree in Calgary, Georgia Hanson is a teacher in Fort MacLeod, and Shauna Ogston is a stay-at-home mother is Calgary. You can find more of these stories and other ways to save money on groceries on our website, cbc/ca/calgary, or google CBC Calgary and The High Cost of Food. You can also contribute your own story and any helpful hints you may have found

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