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Three principles of Leadership for the 5th industrial revolution

It is decided, I will have english episodes from now on every four weeks. Welcome to all my international listeners. In this episode I'm talking about the three main competencies for Leaderx of the workplace of the future.

This is about your personal journey and how to react to the ever changing work environment of modern companies and corporations. Going through yet another digital transformation questions arise on how to meet the challenges as a Leaderx for your team, here are my three points:

  1. Personal Development: it is about embracing constant change and leading yourself.
  2. Meta-Method competence: how to face all of this methods in the area of New Work and how to get value out of them?
  3. Transformation Resilience: it is about trust and how to guide your team in stormy times of change.

Here you can learn more about the New Work Heroes:

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