Extraterrestrial creatures or confused Human beings


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Doesn't it seem to be pretty ridiculous when these so called intellectuals, who are unable to acquire the sufficient degree of awareness about the matters that are existing on the surface of the earth, set themselves out to search whether there is the existence of the organisms over the surface of the neighbouring planets ? When it is infeasible for an organism to get survived on the surface of the satellite which lies besides the earth planet, it is not only folly but also nefariousness to spend crores of money unnecessarily on the name of the space researches about other planets of the cosmos as if there is the existence of the aliens at somewhere else over the surface of the other planets. It is quite ridiculous when the man, who hesitates to extend his helping hand to the one , who implores, reveals that he will ramify his helping hand to the aliens if at all there is their existence over the surface of other planet of the cosmos. It is completely against to the will of God since the human, who is unable to save his life over the surface of the earth, sets himself out with yearning to run for the aliens. So, give ear to the divine determination which shall bring the curtain down over this commotion.

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