Episode 120 - Panicking about Missing a Flight and Being in a Flood


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Andrew and Steven talk about the effect of Hurricane Ida on them in NYC the past week. Andrew talks about the anxiety of thinking he's going to miss his flight. Steven talks about going to Limestone Comedy Festival and trying to make friends and get in photos. They get into the top posts on /r/anxiety including the anxiety of being self-conscience that your anxiety is "Quirky". They also get into the listener submitted anxiety topic of bathroom anxiety and much more! Please send your anxiety topics on instagram @panicattackingpodcast, tweet them at @podpanicattack or by email at panicattackingpodcast@gmail.com to be talked about on the next episode! Join us on Patreon for bonus episodes and content for $5 a month at www.patreon.com/panicattacking and follow us on Instagram www.Instagram.com/panicattackingpodcast and now we are on YouTube at www.youtube.com/c/PanicAttacking and check out Helium network page at https://www.heliumpresents.com/panic-attacking

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