Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 6/2/21


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On Wednesday's Mark Levin Show, former President Barack Obama is one of the most dangerous, narcissistic, anti-Semitic occupants of the oval office. A trained Marxist that hung out with radicals while his VP Joe Biden hung out with segregationists. Obama, in a braggadocious podcast tirade, insists that even when capitalism succeeds it's just a continuation of his economic policies and has nothing to do with the presidency of Donald Trump. Obama claims that the only reason that Trump made inroads with non-White voters was because of his presidency, not because of Trump's policies or outreach to people of color. Then, what would Reagan say about today? He would be shocked and demand that we push back against the very same Marxists that he pushed back against in Hollywood. Later, Democrats want to keep people angry and jealous so they can stir the pot and sell their ideas like Critical Race Theory. The people, however, are speaking out against "equity" and pushing back against racial disunity. Afterward, Anthony Fauci's emails show him to be duplicitous. His years in the bureaucracy taught him to use the system to his own benefit. It's now clear that Fauci was aware, more than a year ago, that the virus may have come from a lab and denied it anyway.

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