Mark Levin Audio Rewind - 5/27/21


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On Thursday's Mark Levin Show, the Biden family is corrupt! Hunter Biden brought then-Vice President Biden to dinner with his shady business partners. That means he lied during the debates and the media helped him lie about not being involved in his son's business dealings. NY Post columnist Miranda Devine calls in to give all the details about the Biden’s DC encounter. Devine added there is more evidence of Biden violating the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) than there ever was with President Trump. Later, a climate change activist will sit on the board of ExxonMobile after a hedge fund lobbied to get him onto the board. Marxists suck the life out of every issue and institution that they set their sights on. However, these aren't climate activists, per se, they're de-growthers that work their way in to take over and destroy an industry from within. This is exactly how they took over public education, the government, and unions. Afterward, racism and the treacherous transgender movement are painfully damaging America. BLM believes that America is a colonialist, imperialist nation, yet most in our military don't believe that. As we approach Memorial Day and mourn the loss of soldiers who perished serving this great land, we must ask ourselves, will the NBA honor our fallen too? Finally, Nicole Saphier MD, calls in to discuss her new book, Panic Attack and explains why politicizing science hurts all Americans. Saphier added that following pseudoscience has hurt children to advance, caused adolescent crime to increase, and will likely outlast the virus's shelf life.

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