Emacs Org mode features you may not know (glt21)


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Emacs Org mode is huge and might overwhelm some people. Therefore, helpful features often gets lost in this large amount of documentation. In this talk, hand-selected tricks are demonstrated that may help the average Org mode user in her daily life. Bastien Guerry wrote [this article where he shows nice but rather unknown Org features](https://bzg.fr/en/some-emacs-org-mode-features-you-may-not-know.html/). His article inspired this talk which is about a selection of those features and much more here and there. It also covers some general Emacs features. For this talk, you should have a minimum level of experience with GNU/Emacs and Org mode. If not, it might provide some inspiration and motivation to start with GNU/Emacs. However the talk highlights only some features and tricks here and there, not providing a general overview. You can find the show-notes of the talk, links to external sources and the [colophon](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Colophon_(publishing)) on [this web page](https://karl-voit.at/2021/04/10/GLT21-emacs-org-features/). Please do send a short feedback [here](https://pretalx.linuxtage.at/glt21/talk/ZKEXNW/feedback/) after the talk. about this event: https://pretalx.linuxtage.at//glt21/talk/ZKEXNW/

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