#257 mit Evan Carmichael, 2.6 million YouTube subs, Forbes Top 40 Social Marketers, Inc Top 100 Leadership Speakers


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“I am an introvert by nature.” Our guest today was by his own judgment, a slow learner. It took him 19 months before he learned to walk and people kept asking his parents what was wrong with him. When he went to school at the age of 3, he spent a lot of time sitting under his desk instead of participating in class. He was very often sick, was constantly on antibiotics for terrible ear infections, and in and out of surgeries to try to fix his hearing problem. He jumped between three different schools and his parents were worried that he wasn't getting the extra attention he needed and he also wasn't making any friends. Fast forward: He's still shy today. He hates small talk. He's scared of the camera and he's scared of being on stage. Nevertheless, today he has a YouTube channel with more than 2.8 million subscribers and over 6,500 videos. Why? There seems to be two reasons: Firstly: He found out that he had a true passion for helping others, and he used this drive to do exactly that. Secondly: and this is the title of one of his Keynotes: “FEAR is NOT a Good Enough REASON to NOT TAKE ACTION!” Murray Newlands said about our guest in a Forbes article: “The only thing stronger than his friendly personality is his drive to help others meet the success that he achieved.” After reading his book “Your one word” I immediately sent him a Direct Message on LinkedIn to ask him if he would like to join us on our Podcast. His answer? Let´s do it Michael! For almost exactly 4 years we are on our “way to new work”. How can a topic that plays such an important part in our everyday life create more meaning in our lives again? How do we get people to draw strength and motivation from their daily work again? How can one succeed in living a happy, healthy, productive and fulfilling life even in such difficult times?We are looking for methods, role models, experiences, tools and ideas that bring us closer to the core of New Work! We are always concerned with the question of whether everyone can really find and live what they really, really want in their innermost being. How can we make sure that each and everyone of us will find their inner driving force or as our guest today would call it, her or his one word?” You are at “On the Way to New Work” - today with Evan Carmichael.

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