Futurist​ Gerd Leonhard Keynote Excerpt on 10 GameChangers and #Megashifts​ Tesisquare Italy


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This is an excerpt of my keynote on the future of technology and business at the CSCMP / Tesisquare Round-Table on Feb 25 2021 Today’s technology is moving faster than ever. It continues to evolve at a rapid pace and open up to what’s happening next. New game-changers such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), new human-machine interfaces (such as voice-control and intelligent bots) can lead transformation and bring new opportunities to business. With the current wave of change, companies may need to think outside the box and leverage rapid advancements to benefit today and in the future. More details here https://tesisquare.com/en/en-the-futu...​ TESISQUARE and CSCMP RoundTable Italy hosted a conversation with futurist Gerd Leonhard. In his inspirational talk, Gerd focused on key topics including humanity and technology, near-future, digital ethics, artificial intelligence, future leadership and foresight. Creating world-renowned performance, his keynotes take the audience on a journey through the future with a hard-hitting and provocative style. Watch the video on YouTube:https://youtu.be/iTlyS9tWilk Access to Gerd's best and full Keynotes at https://www.gerd.global/

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