Stefan Latsuki (CIO Siemens Mobility): Leadership and Digital Transformation [#5]


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Stefan is not only the CIO of Siemens Mobility, but also among the top 10 CIOs of the Leadership Excellence Awards in 2020. This title is awarded to managers of the biggest companies and brands world wide and honors their impact within the fields of innovation, decision-making and economic success. Stefan and his team are driving the digital transformation at Siemens Mobility and shape its future fundamentally.
Topics of this episode:

  • How Stefan defines digital transformation at Siemens Mobility
  • How to create an environment in which teams can thrive and innovate
  • The most valuable skills of tomorrow
  • What Stefan is looking for in young talents

Here you can find Stefan and Siemens Mobility:
Stefan at LinkedIn: Link
Siemens Mobility at LinkedIn: Link
Siemens Mobility Careers: Link

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