#18 (EN): Productivity Tips and Self-Management Systems


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In this special episode of the Sparkr Podcast, I set out to find practical self-management methods, productivity tips and other approaches that help me to reduce stress and to cope better with high demands. As Bruce Lee once said: «Don't wish for an easy life, wish for the ability to handle a difficult one.» Usually I'm in conversation with an exciting and exceptional person to unveil their mindsets, tactics and ideas. But this time it's just me sharing what I've learned when asking myself how I could handle a busy day in a better and more balanced way. 💡📝 You find all the tips and methods also in writing to revisit whenever you like on https://sparkr.ch/selfmanagement/. There you also find it all as a free PDF download in German. Please consider subscribing to the Sparkr Podcast and sharing this content with a friend or colleague if you think it could be of value to them. Thanks for listening and I hope this episode was a good investment of your time.

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