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Building Innovation & Collaboration Oasis


Tips from the Daily Team

"The More Beautiful World our Hearts Desire" Charles Eisenstein A book whose title alone paints a beautiful picture of a connection to a deeper embodied knowing and hints to a world full of potential

"A Time Between Worlds" Zak Stein A book of essays that focus on the current state of education in the USA and what the future could hold. The title has become a Metaphor often used by modern philosophers to describe our current world.

When thinking about how our social systems can resemble ecological ecosystems and how we can possibly bring our social, economical and ecological ecosystems into coherence, CS Holling's Panarchy model of provides a good foundational framework for this experimentation and work.

Liberating structures use actually this theory for one of their workshops. Panarchy


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  • Elephant: "Touché Coulé"
  • Jacob Brass, Nova International: "The Golden Times"
  • Anajo: "Wenn du nur wüsstest"

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  • House of Pain: "Jump around"
  • Desert Session: "I wanna make it with chu"

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