192. Business Continuity Planning During A Crisis — A 3-Step Framework Part 1 of 3


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Business Continuity Planning During A Crisis — A 3-Step Framework Part 1 of 3 Carl Taylor, is a serial entrepreneur, running businesses since the age of 15, he's the author of 2 books and an all-round genuine guy. While he's owned multiple businesses in varying industries over the past 18 years, today he's the founder and CEO of Automation Agency, a digital marketing implementation service that helps coaches, consultants, and business owners to maximize their marketing while minimizing their tech and team headaches. He's also the host of The Future of Humanity Podcast, where he discusses what the future may hold with scientists, thought leaders, and business owners. Links Mentioned: * www.carltaylor.com.au * Facebook Group * www.givingpledge.org * www.automationagency.com * www.GetMeToDone.com * www.Productiveinsights.com * www.YouTube.com/ProductiveInsights * https://productiveinsights.com/the-eisenhower-matrix/ Related Episodes: * 001. Neil Patel (Kissmetrics Founder) On How To Make Better Decisions Around Client Selection, Branding and Investing * 176. The Alter Ego Effect With Todd Herman * 165. How To Build A Self-Sustaining Business Using Marketing Automation — With Carl Taylor Ash Roy and Carl Taylor Video Transcript (This transcript has been auto-generated. Artificial Intelligence is still in the process of perfecting itself. There may be some errors in transcription): Ash Roy (00:00): Today we are going to be talking about business continuity planning and the reason I've invited you back on the podcast is yesterday I attended a webinar which I thought was excellent and this webinar is called protect, pivot and profit. I really liked the framework that you presented to us and I felt that my audience would really benefit from this in our current circumstances, which are very uncertain given the whole Coronavirus or COVID19 debacle and the world is just reeling and people are trying to find their feet. Something I liked about what you shared yesterday was the silver lining. Carl Taylor (00:41): It's a really great way to kind of consider things. Ash Roy (00:43): It's an ironic acronym, isn't it? PEST. Ash Roy (00:51): Welcome back to the productive insights podcast. This is Ash Roy, the founder of productiveinsights.com and the host of the productive insights podcast. Today's guest is Carl Taylor and since 2010 he's been teaching the world how to stop dr...

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