#JTOL Aint I A Woman Pt# 2


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This episode we talk about the Spring Valley High Student in SC who was attacked by a resource officer. SheBe and Boughetto rehash the last most recent events where black women and girls have been brutalized. They are disgusted by a reporter named Brenda Wood and by many people on social media who minimize the attack on this child and use it to shift the narrative away from another case of police brutality against a child. They take a break and finish out the show talking about another GOP debate, Candy Carson sings, Raven vs Ann Coulter, The Zola Story, and Hotline Bling. And finally they got downright silly with impressions of some of our favorite Femcees. The the show ends abruptly because...technology. Thanks for listening! We want to hear from you! Please help to keep #DemNerdyBlackChicks on your rotation. If you can, please donate to SheBe's gofundme campaign to acquire everything needed to continue to produce podcasts for your edutainment. Visit, www.gofundme.com/shebeshonff. We're more than half way to our goal! But if you cannot donate, please get the word out by sharing the link. We'll appreciate whatever you can do to help. And as always thank you for listening to and sharing our how. Thanks for listening! We want to hear from you. Twitter: @jtolmedia @shebeshonuff @boughettorising IG: @BoughettoRising Facebook: facebook.com/jtolmedia facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks E-mail: jtolmedia@gmail.com Tumblr: jtolmedia.tumblr.com Website: www.jtolmedia.com Voicemail: 515-999-JTOL (5865)

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