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PIK-FEIN present... POD. No.# 201 - ♤ - ULF KRAMER @ SONDERSPUR | POD.# 201 - FRANKFURT -♠♤♠ ⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯♠♤⎯⎯ ♠♤♠⎯⎯ ARTIST ...INFOs... Ulf Kramer is an outstanding and very mysterious figure on the underground techno stage. It is very difficult to get any information on the musical roots of German musician and producer. However, if you’ll explore the topic, we will see a very impressive artistic achievements. So far, it was related, inter alia, with Labels such as such Zimmer Records or Wavelike or through which he release fresh and novel material. The work, which was seen by the world, can successfully replace any tinted biographical descriptions that lose significance at a time when we begin to associate with the music of Ulf Kramer. His of EPs, albums and sets very intensively refresh and at the same time develop the genre of techno. It is not possible to pigeonhole his style, but his experimental works, which are sometimes difficult to read, retain the dance character. The core of his works, filled with luscious bass and interesting rhythm, seasoned with depression is often shuttling as well as analog noise. For many listeners, tired with commercial noise, which unfortunately mastered musical underground, sounds of Ulf have remarkable therapeutic properties. Tracks: 1 ruckwarts ausblenden Ulf Kramer 2 809 034 ARG the 909 KING 3 granula sensor analog species 4 Handzumarschzummund Ulf Kramer 5 track 1 ?? 6 No Planet B Sane 7 Klapperstück Ulf Kramer 08 Maulhuren Ulf Kramer 09 quängeln hohes niveau Ulf Kramer 10 2043 Ulf kramer 11 Fentanyl Ulf Kramer 12 BENIS COBLY 13 BRIGHTON ?? 14 sterago maniac_maelstrom 15 Tinkle Von Stinkle UNKO 16 time to dance (alternativer mix) Mülli 17 schmobbing hood Nox 18 ghouldetail endgame Chip Tronic 19 Glamour ( sane remix ) Chip Tronic schmob.de stonedwave.de

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