Ep. 80, Meditation - 5.17.2020 - Archangel Metatron


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Hello Soul Family,

Heres your daily meditation to get you started with your new week. I know it's long, but it truly doesn't feel like it.

I channeled Archangel Metatron in this meditation. He had come through a bit earlier when I pulled the Archangel Oracle card, "Chakra Clearing", so he was ready to come through it was effortless and felt great. His messages were wonderful and I believe he talked for at least 15 minutes-maybe longer and that is also why this is a longer meditation. Channeling tends to do that.

As always we work with our Energy Bodies and our Chakras, but this time we are working with Metatron and our Merkabas as well.

He gives a lot of empowering messages and help for us at this time, but remembering his messages and all that he said when you are back from the meditation is always difficult.

The way around that is to listen to the channeling when you're not meditating. It's the only way to consciously remember what was said.

FYI-He guides us to take a shower/bath as soon as we can after this mediation, to continue to work with him, your energy bodies and your Merkaba-so be prepared for that. But always go as guided and do this meditation when you are called to do it, regardless of when you may be able to bathe afterwards.

I truly hope you enjoy this meditation, whenever you participate!

Be Well Dear Ones...And,

Live In Love.


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