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Happy Black History Season. It's the year of Blackness! This week Shebe and Boughetto talk about Chris Rock's performance at the Oscars. Did he come through for us? The KKK and anti-KKK protesters face off in Anaheim. Donald Trump is a racist firing up the other racists and is getting mad props from the most racist of racists. 6 New Jersey Newspapers insist that Gov. Chris Christie resigns. And we talk about what the Super Tuesday results could mean for the 2016 election. After a break, Ben Carson black checks President Obama and we aren't here for hit. We award another "Millie" and SheBe defends a past Millie given to Meryl Streep. Thanks for listening! We want to hear from you. Twitter: @jtolmedia @shebeshonuff @boughettorising IG: @BoughettoRising Facebook: facebook.com/jtolmedia facebook.com/nerdyblackchicks E-mail: jtolmedia@gmail.com Website: www.jtolmedia.com

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