#10 (EN): What is 5G and why does it matter?


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Welcome to this special episode of the Sparkr Podcast. It's the first edition of a new series called "Executive Briefings". In these briefings you learn everything you need to know about significant technologies, innovations and more. The first edition is dedicated to the 5G technology. 5G is the fifth generation of the mobile connectivity standard that will power your smartphone and entire economies in the near future. 5G will change everything and you should know about it. That's why Sparkr created this Executive Briefing. The Executive Briefing is a series of blog posts that you can find on www.sparkr.ch/blog. The Executive Briefing on 5G is available here: http://sparkr.ch/5g-why-it-will-change-everything-and-you-should-know-about-it/ Thanks for sharing and subscribing to the Sparkr Podcast as well as the Sparkr Newsletter. Get the newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/gc9Mpn With the Sparkr Newsletter you get carefully curated and relevant stories from the world of technology, innovation and its impact on society and business.

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