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This is the Daily FRO for Feb 27th 2021 TXT ME 3137109729 There's always going to be people that leave negative comments. The truth is, there's usually 100 positive to 1 negative, but the negative ones usually irk you. That doesn't mean I dwell on it and I do appreciate the real commenters. What happens though, is sometimes one negative comment ten…
This is the Daily FRO for Feb 18th 2021. In this episode, I give you the secret password to to check it out while I am building it. I would love your feedback on my thoughts and ideas so far. You have to listen to the episode to hear the password...don't worry, it's pretty early on. Once you have the password and go to the site,…
This is the Daily FRO for Friday, January 15th 2021 Txt Me 3137109729 What would I do if I won the MASSIVE lottery? I'm not a gambler but when the lottery gets this big...I like to play a few dollars and then let my brain run wild with the thoughts of what I would do if I won.Von Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
This is the Daily FRO for December 30th 2020. TXT me 3137109729 CNN article Scotty Doesn't Know Podcast about Peliton Episode 287 Jared Polin FroKnowsPhoto
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